Less heat, healthier hair

Last month, I traded my spirited curls for sleek locks. It was great switching up my style, but in the end I missed my curls most ardently. Don’t get me wrong – flat ironed hair is fun but it requires a lot of maintenance to keep up the straighten look. For example, I ended up applying heat to my hair more than once. I’m thankful that I didn’t develop heat damage, but now I need to pamper my hair with protective styling options. My hair needs a rest…. seriously!┬áThe more I thought about this singular objective, the more it grew into 2018 resolution that I would love to share with you!!!

31 Day Protective Style Challenge

The rules are easy peasy, love! Wear a protective style for the month of January 2018. No need to change your wash day or normal hair routine. All you have to do is ditch the heat (air dry only) and take a picture to document your growth. Use the hashtag #ckgal2018challenge to follow my newest journey on Instagram!